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Bee & Bloom

Fox & Bear 

Bee & Bloom was founded by three bee-loving friends (an entomologist, beekeeper and pollination ecologist) in 2017. They are educators and pollinator advocates in Portland, OR, empowering the community to support the environment and all of the pollinating critters within it! They promote native bee conservation and sustainable, bee-centric beekeeping through hands-on workshops and ecotourism experiences at our pollinator sanctuary at Willow Bar Farm.

Find out more about the B&B team and check out their upcoming events:

The farming project of Katie Boeh, Fox + Bear is a one-farmer operation and the product of 15 years of working, learning, and teaching. From a 1/4 acre backyard farm in NE Portland, Fox + Bear relocated operations to Willow Bar Farm in 2018. Fox + Bear’s farming practices are biologically intensive, utilizing organic, no-till growing methods in the production of all crops.

Fox + Bear produces high quality agricultural products while maintaining great respect and care for the land, living creatures, and the livelihood of farming. The fruits of this labor are available via a 25 week CSA program, as well as to chefs and specialty markets. Find out more about Fox & Bear: